• Winter in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on The Reserve is a wonderful place to experience our natural environment and enjoy some spontaneous outdoor activities.  Every Sunday at 9am social touch rugby is played on the Common and the group welcomes anyone interested in joining in.  Something to... Read more »
  • Hello Aloes!

    Posted on The sun is shining and the aloes are flowering!! Sunshine and aloes, what more could one want during the winter months?  These magnificent plants are beginning to bloom all over Steenbok Nature Reserve.  Here are a few to look out... Read more »

    Posted on Thank you to the Two Peters (Peter Godsell and Peter Dieterich) for our monthly rainfall chart. In the month of May we recorded 71 mm. This is identical to last year and 40% ahead of the ten year average. As regards... Read more »
  • The official results for the City Nature Challenge 2021

    Posted on A total of 419 places registered across the world and the results for the Garden Route District were; Total observations: 19977 placing the Garden Route in 11th position. Total species: 3073 placing the Garden Route in 5th position.   Congratulations... Read more »
  • Spider spotting in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on The best time to look for spiders in winter is between 7.30 am and 9.30 am when the dew is still heavy on their webs. Spiders are not hard to find in Steenbok, walk along the paved pathway and you... Read more »
  • Bees in Steenbok

    Posted on Why do we need bees? Nearly ninety percent of the flowering plants found in the Reserve rely on bees for assistance with pollination. Steenbok has one permanent bee hive in the large milkwood tree at the Harbor Entrance. This hive... Read more »
  • Keeping Steenbok Natural

    Posted on Most of our friends, when asked, love the natural look of Steenbok Nature Reserve.  This is achieved with careful consideration of how the gardens in the Reserve are planned, planted and maintained. All this is done in order to achieve... Read more »
  • Colourful Clivias kindly donated to Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on A huge thank you to Penny Lennon, a long time Friend of Steenbok, who has generously donated 18 clivias for the Main Entrance Gardens in Steenbok Nature Reserve. Penny started propagating her clivias soon after she purchased her first one... Read more »

    Posted on After a stunningly good rainfall in March, the April figure is very disappointing. At only 20 mm, this year’s figure is less than half of the ten year average (52mm) and less than last year’s figure of 27mm. Like life... Read more »

    Posted on SANParks Biodiversity Social Project Working for the Coast  This project is managed by Thobela Mata & Scott Ronaldson from SANParks. The Objectives of the project are: to improve and conserve the natural environment and ensure well-maintained recreational areas. to help... Read more »