• Cape Bulbul (Pycnonotus capensis)

    Posted on This bird with its liquid whistle was spotted among the tall trees in Steenbok Nature Reserve. DESCRIPTION The Cape Bulbul measures 19-21 cm in length.  Males and females look alike. The plumage is mainly dull, blackish brown. It has distinctive... Read more »
  • Winter Garden Maintenance

    Posted on While most of us were staying inside after the heavy rain and snow storms this week, Ivy Garden Services and Knysna Municipality were hard at work in Steenbok Nature Reserve.   The dead branches of Metalasia muricata and Euryops virgineus... Read more »

    Posted on   Whilst walking along the paved path, you may have spotted some interesting looking plants popping up here and there amongst the grass area as well as around the aquifer. This much branched, resprouting perennial plant is easily recognisable by... Read more »
  • Municipality in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on   Thanks to the Municipal teams from the Department of Parks and Recreation for a job well done in Steenbok on Thursday 13th August.    All the pruned and cut vegetation along Links Drive has been removed.  Prudence and her... Read more »
  • A few colourful blooms to spot in Steenbok during your winter exercise routines

    Posted on Zantedeschia aethiopica – White or common arum lily These beauties can be found in the Indigenous Garden  This very well known plant grows freely in damp ground but also tolerates normal garden conditions. The arrow-shaped leaves are as long or... Read more »

    Posted on What can one say about the rainfall this past month? At 33mm, the most honest word is disappointing. On a brighter note, the cumulative amount year to-date is pretty much in line with our ten year average. Thanks to Peter... Read more »
  • More much needed tidying up…

    Posted on Once again, a big thank you to Ivy Garden Services for their fantastic, quick and efficient work carried out in the Indigenous Gardens and along the path on Wednesday this week. We would like to thank our special site manager... Read more »
  • Butterflies in Steenbok

    Posted on   African Monarch EASY TO IDENTIFY The monarch is a medium-sized butterfly with a wingspan of about 8cm.  It has a black body with orange-brown wings.  The forewings have a black and white band on the outer edge.  Two black... Read more »

    Posted on Thank you  Ivy Garden Services for your awesome work today in Roger’s Way. Walkers and cyclists can now enjoy a much wider and safer walkway. Thank you also to Knysna Municipality for the removal of all the branches, quick and... Read more »
  • The African Spoonbill

    Posted on The African Spoonbill is related to the ibis.  They belong to the Threskiornithidae family.  Their Latin name is Platalea alba which, literally translated, means pearl waterbird.  At birth, the African Spoonbill’s bill does not resemble a spoon.  It is born... Read more »