Posted on Let’s see how you got on….. What sport was played in Steenbok in the 1930’s?  GOLF What is the name of the first plant listed in the Steenbok database? ABUTILON SONNERATIANUM How much does it cost to get into Steenbok? NOTHING,... Read more »
  • Ta-DAH!

    Posted on   At the moment you may have seen the marvellous splashes of red colour dotted all over the Reserve.  These are the flowers of the Brunsvigia orientalis. Say it nice and posh:   “brunz – VIJ – ee – uh  ... Read more »
  • Follow your nose…

    Posted on This pretty little purple flower is a bit of a stinker! It is the wild garlic plant (Tulbaghia violacea). The long, blueish-grey leaves are very smelly.  Useful to know – this stinkiness repels pests!  So if you are on a... Read more »
  • Ladybird! Ladybird!

    Posted on One of our favourite friends is little Ruby Redzee:-    The ladybird is a BEETLE     She is a CARNIVORE (which is a meat eater)  Gardeners loove her because she eats the bugs who eat our gardens. (She can eat... Read more »