The official results for the City Nature Challenge 2021

A total of 419 places registered across the world and the results for the Garden Route District were;

Total observations: 19977 placing the Garden Route in 11th position.

Total species: 3073 placing the Garden Route in 5th position.


Congratulations to all the participants on a job well done!! 

A few regular visitors to Steenbok have kindly shared their favorite photos taken during this year’s competition.

Birgitt Heyer
Placed 5th in the species category recording 346 different species.

Leonotis leonurus found in Steenbok Nature Reserve
Eucalyptus grandis near Links Drive Leisure Isle

Leonie Twentyman Jones
placed 13th in the species category recording 214 different species.

Euprosthenopsis pulchella (Dark Sheetwebber spider) found in Steenbok Nature Reserve.
Henry, a Grey Heron, waiting for fish at the Leisure Isle Boat Club

Diana Stromberg
Recorded 139 different species of which 122 were found in Steenbok Nature Reserve.

Afrogegenes letterstedti (Common hottentot skipper) spotted in Steenbok Nature Reserve.
The Cape Thick-knee (also known as Spotted Dikkop) found in Park near Church Street, Leisure Isle.

Martina Holzl
Recorded 36 different species of interesting flora and fauna found throughout the Garden Route area.

Barehead Goby in a rock pool at Buffels Bay
Speckled Mousebird in Sedgefield on the Island with a Crowberry (Searsia crenata) in its mouth.

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