• Clivia miniata var. citrina

    Posted on   Planted in April 2016 by Roger Voysey and Linsay Durham, these light yellow coloured Clivias are still a beautiful sight at the main entrance to Steenbok by the bird bath. This perennial, clump forming plant is very well know in its... Read more »
  • August rainfall

    Posted on Constancy is not a word that belongs in weather reporting. After the splendid rainfall of 96 mm in July, we have retreated to the sparse amount of only 26 mm in August. The cumulative rainfall for January to August 2019... Read more »
  • Colours in the Indigenous Gardens

    Posted on As you enter the Indigenous Gardens, you are currently being welcomed by many brightly coloured plants, here are 4 to look out for: 1- Geranium incanum Common names: Carpet geranium (Eng.); berate, vroubossie (Afr.) Picture left – This is an... Read more »
  • Salvia aurea (previously S. africana-lutea)

    Posted on This species was previously known as Salvia africana-lutea, however, according to the rules of botanical nomenclature, hyphenated names should not be used. The first part of the old species name, africana, means ‘of Africa’ which is the plant’s origin and... Read more »
  • Hermannia hyssopifolia

    Posted on Hermannia hyssopifolia brings back very pleasant memories to me.  Ten years ago while I was busy propagating indigenous plants in Sedgefield, a man came in and asked me if these ‘babies‘ were for sale.  He was referring to the plants!  This friendly guy and I chatted for a while, and in that time... Read more »
  • Arctopus echinatus

    Posted on Common names: Flat-thorn (Eng.) Sieketroos (Afr.) It is that time of year when people – and dogs – experience the Flat-thorn. Growing profusely in Steenbok it can be irritating for dogs due to their spiny margins and sharp recurved thorns between... Read more »
  • July’s rainfall chart

    Posted on July has been an excellent month in the rainfall department.  The total of 96 mm makes it the best month of this year.   As can be seen from the cumulative graph, we are keeping close to the ten year... Read more »
  • Ashford school pays Steenbok a visit

    Posted on What a pleasure it was to meet teachers Dirk and Rita Lagerwerf and be asked to take their 8 students from Grade 4 & 5 from Ashford School around Steenbok!(picture left) The sharp-eyed youngsters were extremely good at spotting our... Read more »
  • Crotalaria capensis

    Posted on Tree number: 225.12   Family: Fabaceae Common names: Cape rattle-pod (Eng.); Kaapse klapperpeul (Afr.) This fast growing tree is aptly named the Cape rattle-pod because, as you walk through the paths at Kingfisher Creek, you can hear the dried pods which... Read more »