Posted on Common names: wild plum (Eng.); wildepruim (Afr.) SA Tree No: 361 This month, it is only fair to give this big guy some recognition. You can spot this giant (it can reach 15m in height, ours is about 10m) to... Read more »

    Posted on A most satisfying couple of hours was spent yesterday morning clearing alien invasive plants West of the tennis court. It was incredible to see the impact that 3 volunteers could make to this area in such a short time. As... Read more »

    Posted on The Friends of Steenbok would like to thank Angela and Robin Fick from Mossel Bay for their kind delivery of three new fishing line recycling bins. These were presented to us on the Ficks’ recent visit to the Reserve. The... Read more »
  • Polygala virgata

    Posted on Family: Polygalaceae Common names: Purple Broom (Eng.); Persboom, Bloukappie (Afr.) A new evergreen shrub recently spotted in Steenbok.  If left untouched, it can grow to over 2m. The specimen in Steenbok is only about 70cm and can be seen alongside the... Read more »

    Posted on A bit of fun in the holidays….. You will find below, a photo and information on a medium to large shrub. Let’s see who can guess the name the fastest. Please leave your answer in the comment box below and... Read more »
  • Holidays + kids and/or pets + Spring = STEENBOK

    Posted on   Sooooo, the holidays are almost upon us and the kids will be needing fun things to do. This is how Steenbok can help: At the main entrance to Steenbok, you can find an information board with all the current... Read more »
  • Clivia miniata var. citrina

    Posted on   Planted in April 2016 by Roger Voysey and Linsay Durham, these light yellow coloured Clivias are still a beautiful sight at the main entrance to Steenbok by the bird bath. This perennial, clump forming plant is very well know in its... Read more »
  • August rainfall

    Posted on Constancy is not a word that belongs in weather reporting. After the splendid rainfall of 96 mm in July, we have retreated to the sparse amount of only 26 mm in August. The cumulative rainfall for January to August 2019... Read more »
  • Colours in the Indigenous Gardens

    Posted on As you enter the Indigenous Gardens, you are currently being welcomed by many brightly coloured plants, here are 4 to look out for: 1- Geranium incanum Common names: Carpet geranium (Eng.); berate, vroubossie (Afr.) Picture left – This is an... Read more »