About Steenbok Nature Reserve

Find out about how we started, see an overall view of the of the reserve, read about our management and ethos and see how you can support this project financially to ensure its long term sustainability.

  • Our Mission Statement

    Our primary objective is to manage the ecosystem of Steenbok Nature Reserve for the benefit of all Knysna Residents, and its visitors, to ensure the natural heritage of this area is nurtured and protected for current and future generations.

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  • History

    Steenbok Island captured the attention of George Cearn in 1929 and to the great astonishment of many he set about turning the uninhabited little island into a place where people could live and build their homes, raise their families and retire in idyllic surroundings. He re-named it Leisure Isle, and set about turning his dream into reality.

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  • Map

    The sketch map on the right gives an overall view of the of the reserve on the Northern Shores of Leisure Isle whilst the detailed aerial photographs provide greater detail and information on some of the features.

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  • Management

    A feature of the management agreement with Knysna Municipality is the appointment of a Management Committee (MANCOM) made up of representatives of Knysna Municipality, Leisure Isle Residents Association (LIRA), SANParks and The Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust (Friends of Steenbok).

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  • Funding

    Steenbok Nature Reserve is well utilized by islanders and visitors for recreational purposes and active and creative management is important to do all we can to retain the Reserve for these purposes

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  • Management Plan 2023 / 2024

    Knysna Municipality (LM) – Leisure Isle Residents Association (LIRA) Joint management agreement

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