• Crematogaster peringueiy

    Posted on Commonly known as the black cocktail ant or swartwipgatmier (Afrikaans) These ants are always immediately recognizable for their ability to ‘cock their tails’, ie raise their gasters almost over their heads when alarmed.  The gaster contains the ant’s heart, digestive system, and... Read more »
  • Salvia aurea (previously S. africana-lutea)

    Posted on This species was previously known as Salvia africana-lutea, however, according to the rules of botanical nomenclature, hyphenated names should not be used. The first part of the old species name, africana, means ‘of Africa’ which is the plant’s origin and... Read more »
  • Hermannia hyssopifolia

    Posted on Hermannia hyssopifolia brings back very pleasant memories to me.  Ten years ago while I was busy propagating indigenous plants in Sedgefield, a man came in and asked me if these ‘babies‘ were for sale.  He was referring to the plants!  This friendly guy and I chatted for a while, and in that time... Read more »
  • Arctopus echinatus

    Posted on Common names: Flat-thorn (Eng.) Sieketroos (Afr.) It is that time of year when people – and dogs – experience the Flat-thorn. Growing profusely in Steenbok it can be irritating for dogs due to their spiny margins and sharp recurved thorns between... Read more »
  • The Shy Vlei Rat

    Posted on We have recently had a number of queries about this fascinating little rodent.  In response our team has gone out and taken new pictures of this shy creature, and updated the vlei rat profile on our website.  The pic on... Read more »
  • Scadoxus membranaceus

    Posted on Common name;  blood lily Family name;  amaryllidaceae Flower color;  orange Flowering time;  September, October, November. The orange flowers, resembling a brush, are enclosed in  a large, cup-shaped, olive green calyx . When the flowers start to fade, bright, fat, red berries appear... Read more »

    Posted on Calling themselves ‘the Steenbokkies’, these three volunteers took time off to pose for a pic on a warm sunny Womens’ Day in the Reserve.  Usually they are hard at work behind the scenes, supplying new and exciting posts for the Steenbok Website... Read more »
  • July’s rainfall chart

    Posted on July has been an excellent month in the rainfall department.  The total of 96 mm makes it the best month of this year.   As can be seen from the cumulative graph, we are keeping close to the ten year... Read more »
  • Waterbird Count in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on In 1993 Lorna Watt, of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), initiated with other Knysna birders, the twice- yearly Co-ordinated Water bird Count (CWAC) in Knysna. This project reaches the whole of South Africa and records information for... Read more »
  • Ashford school pays Steenbok a visit

    Posted on What a pleasure it was to meet teachers Dirk and Rita Lagerwerf and be asked to take their 8 students from Grade 4 & 5 from Ashford School around Steenbok.(picture left) The sharp eyed youngsters were extremely good at spotting... Read more »