• Watsonia laccata (Jacquin) Ker Gawler

    Posted on This plant is one of the smaller members of the Iridaceae family (30 to 40 cm tall).   The leaves are glossy, sword-shaped with lightly thickened margins, mostly 6-15mm wide and about half as long as the plant.   The flower grow from corms... Read more »

    Posted on A most satisfying couple of hours was spent yesterday morning clearing alien invasive plants West of the tennis court. It was incredible to see the impact that 3 volunteers could make to this area in such a short time. As... Read more »

    Posted on The Friends of Steenbok would like to thank Angela and Robin Fick from Mossel Bay for their kind delivery of three new fishing line recycling bins. These were presented to us on the Ficks’ recent visit to the Reserve. The... Read more »
  • Calling for volunteers!!!

    Posted on   Do you care about the environment??? Would you like to help??? Join the Steenbokkies on Thursday 10 October for a morning of clearing alien invasive plants.   Please meet us west of the Leisure Isle Tennis court parking at... Read more »
  • September rainfall charts

    Posted on Rainfall this month was 88 mm. This is very pleasing and in fact is the second highest month this year (the highest was in July). However it is not a patch on the rainfall in September last year, which was... Read more »

    Posted on Previously known as the Cape Fur Seal, these creatures are now officially called South African Fur Seals. An early morning walk along the Tow Path can be very rewarding.  Not only are there many different species of birds to appreciate,... Read more »
  • Polygala virgata

    Posted on Family: Polygalaceae Common names: Purple Broom (Eng.); Persboom, Bloukappie (Afr.) A new evergreen shrub recently spotted in Steenbok.  If left untouched, it can grow to over 2m. The specimen in Steenbok is only about 70cm and can be seen alongside the... Read more »
  • Visiting butterflies in Steenbok

    Posted on Look among the grasses in Steenbok Nature Reserve and you will find quite a few species of butterflies. The most noticeable at this time of the year is the Brown-veined White (Belenois aurota).  It is also called a Pioneer White or... Read more »
  • Plants to look out for in Spring

    Posted on Steenbok Nature reserve is abundant with colorful flowers during the Spring months. Lobelia tomentosa This tufted shrublet branches from the base and has hairy stems.  The hard, hairy leaves are long and narrow, up to 5 mm in width.  They... Read more »