• A few gift ideas from Steenbok Nature Reserve.

    Posted on Look Deep into Nature Children’s activity book.   This book is for all those young at heart.  Here is a booklet for you whether you are 7 years old, 57 or 97.  Take a walk, get out into nature and... Read more »
  • November rainfall charts

    Posted on November is usually one of the wetter months of the year. The ten year average is 74mm.   This November was a story of two parts.  In the first part (up to 17th) rainfall was great – 95mm. The second... Read more »
  • Dovyalis caffra

    Posted on    Family: Salicaceae Common names: Kei-apple, wild apricot (Eng.); appelkoosdoring (Afr.) SA Tree No: 507 To find this delicious fruit tree, walk along the wild paths of the Indigenous Gardens in Steenbok Nature Reserve. This dense, spreading, indigenous plant varies... Read more »
  • Agapanthus praecox

    Posted on Blooms of Blue in Steenbok Nature Reserve. This well-known hardy, evergreen plant has attractive strap-like leaves and umbels of blue flowers that are borne on long stalks. The plant grows well in sun or semi shade making it a good... Read more »
  • Eulophia speciosa

    Posted on This terrestrial orchid is one of the most common southern African eulphias with fleshy lance-shaped, semi-erect leaves that arise from underground corms.  It can bear up to 30 flowers in a lax unbranched raceme. The flowers are a striking yellow... Read more »

    Posted on Did you know there is a colour coding system used by dog owners world-wide to signify specific health or behavioural issues their pet may have? Coloured ribbons, leashes and collars are a great way to indicate if your dog is aggressive, blind... Read more »

    Posted on Common names: wild plum (Eng.); wildepruim (Afr.) SA Tree No: 361 This month, it is only fair to give this big guy some recognition. You can spot this giant (it can reach 15m in height, ours is about 10m) to... Read more »
  • SANParks Rangers patrol in Steenbok

    Posted on The Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve thank the SANParks Rangers for their hard work and dedication in keeping the Knysna estuary an environmentally sound area.   It was good to see the Rangers operating at Kingfisher Creek recently, and heartwarming... Read more »
  • Watsonia laccata (Jacquin) Ker Gawler

    Posted on This plant is one of the smaller members of the Iridaceae family (30 to 40 cm tall).   The leaves are glossy, sword-shaped with lightly thickened margins, mostly 6-15mm wide and about half as long as the plant.   The flower grow from corms... Read more »

    Posted on A most satisfying couple of hours was spent yesterday morning clearing alien invasive plants West of the tennis court. It was incredible to see the impact that 3 volunteers could make to this area in such a short time. As... Read more »