• Complementary colors in Steenbok

    Posted on With Steenbok  joining the many South Africans for the Nation wide Lockdown, today’s post will be a virtual tour along a natural pathway in the Reserve.  This time of the year one is rewarded with a panoramic display of the brightly... Read more »
  • When you’re feeling blue….

    Posted on All you have to do, is take a walk to Steenbok…. The array of Plectranthus will welcome you as you enter the Reserve. These beauties will definitely brighten your day by their very showy display.  The devastating drought in 2017 (picture... Read more »
  • Teaching the youth about our Wetlands

    Posted on Early in February a planned Wetlands Day excursion by Knysna Municipality YCOP for Thembelitsha Primary School to Steenbok Nature Reserve, to raise awareness of the value and benefits of wetlands was unfortunately called off due to an administrative problem. Instead,... Read more »

    Posted on Let’s see how you got on….. What sport was played in Steenbok in the 1930’s?  GOLF What is the name of the first plant listed in the Steenbok database? ABUTILON SONNERATIANUM How much does it cost to get into Steenbok? NOTHING,... Read more »

    Posted on Fun Friday 13th Quiz…… 13 questions you should know the answers to. All the information can be found either on our Webpage or in our book “Look deep into nature“. The answers will be posted tomorrow. Ready….. Steady….. GO…… What... Read more »
  • Preserving our Wetlands for future generations

    Posted on South Africa is a water scarce country, and the water in many streams is polluted. Both droughts and floods are common. In this regard, wetlands play a vital role by removing toxic substances and sediment from the water, improving downstream... Read more »
  • Counting Birds in Steenbok

    Posted on This project reaches the whole of South Africa and records information for non- passerine (non-perching) species of birds associated with wetlands. Currently the project curates waterbird data for at least 628 sites, by a network of volunteers numbering between 800... Read more »
  • Interview with Clare B, a 9 year old from Knysna….

    Posted on I thought it would be fun and interesting to get a child’s perspective on Steenbok. Let’s see what she said!! 1 – How long have you been coming here? Since I was 2. 2 – Waow, aren’t you bored of... Read more »

    Posted on These two Asparagus (picture on the left) can be seen, literally next to each other across from the Indigenous Garden path. Whilst the vigorous, robust & somewhat scary looking Asparagus falcatus would tend to want you to move along, the... Read more »

    Posted on Family: HYPOXIDACEAE This beautiful tuberous perennial is currently very striking in the Indigenous Garden. Easily recognisable with its strap-like leaves which are arranged tidily one above the other in 3 ranks. These hairy leaves are arched with prominent ribs, narrowing... Read more »