Posted on ​​November 2022 can claim to be the driest November of the century !  Furthermore, if December does not produce at least 63mm 2022 will go down as the driest year of the century to date beating the so-called “drought” year... Read more »
  • December 2021 Rainfall Report

    Posted on 2021 – Done and Dusted The December rainfall was a generous 64 mm which puts it ahead of the figure for 2020 and the ten year average. Incidentally, the highest December figure we have on record is 216 mm in... Read more »

    Posted on Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the STEENBOK NATURE RESERVE TRUST will be held on Tuesday 11 January 2022 at 10am at the Leisure Isle Country Club, Links Drive, Leisure Isle, Knysna. ATTACHMENTS Please click the links... Read more »
  • Steenbok Nature Reserve – fighting the aliens!!!

    Posted on There are some very sensitive areas in the Reserve that if not attended to properly will become infested with alien invasive vegetation.  The whole month of August will be focused on systematically removing invasive plants and encouraging indigenous growth. HOW... Read more »
  • Sunshine in a flower

    Posted on Steenbok Nature Reserve has a display of warm colours flowering during the cold Winter months.  Here are a few examples to look out for during your walks through the indigenous gardens.  The bright yellows and oranges will cheer up your... Read more »
  • Trimming Roger’s Way

    Posted on The Steenbok Nature Reserve comprises two distinct areas: Steenbok Park and Kingfisher Creek, which are linked by a narrow pathway between the Country Club and the Boat Club. It was Roger Voysey who had the vision to landscape this pathway... Read more »
  • Winter Solstice 2021

    Posted on Yes!!! We can finally start looking forward to longer daylight hours in Steenbok. Fun Facts The Winter solstice date this year was on the 21 June.  The word “solstice” is derived from the Latin term “solsitium”, which literally means “sun-stopping”. ... Read more »
  • When the power is out, take a walk….

    Posted on There is nothing more satisfying at the moment than taking a walk at 4pm when load shedding hits!!! We have been having such amazingly warm and sunny days that the area near Kingfisher Creek has quickly become one of my... Read more »