Bees in Steenbok

Why do we need bees?

Nearly ninety percent of the flowering plants found in the Reserve rely on bees for assistance with pollination.

Steenbok has one permanent bee hive in the large milkwood tree at the Harbor Entrance.

This hive is monitored regularly by Owen Willams from Honeychild.  The hive’s location and safety was checked in early May.   We are pleased to report that the hive and the bees are very happy, safe and docile and need not be removed. 

We have recently placed a friendly sign near the hive warning our visitors to stay clear.

When we have a hive that is dangerous to the public, we call a beekeeper in to remove the hive.  The hive is checked for any diseases and then relocated to a caring new owner.  

Recently a hive had to be removed from the water pump system in the Indigenous garden. This healthy young hive was efficiently and safely removed and resettled in a more appropriate location.

Owen Williams removing the hive at the water pump system.

 If you have a bee problem or need a hive removed please contact: 

Owen Willams – 0787246425


Grant Liversey 0828962346