Steenbok Nature Reserve - view to the East Steenbok Nature Reserve - Leisure Isle Steenbok Nature Reserve - view to the North Steenbok Nature Reserve - view to the North West Steenbok Nature Reserve - aquifer
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Steenbok Nature Reserve


Caring for our natural heritage - Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve

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Welcome to Steenbok Nature Park

The Reserve is open at all times and there is no entrance fee. We are conveniently located and accessed by road 4 klm from Knysna Town centre.

Knysna Protected Environment area
The Reserve covers a precious area of 17 hectares and forms part of the greater Knysna Protected Environment Area regulated by SANParks in terms of the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act 2003. Steenbok Nature Reserve is a joint initiative by Leisure Isle Residents Association and Knysna Municipality. We operate in close association with SANParks and with the support of The Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve.
Salt marsh, coastal dune and coastal thicket vegentation
Whilst the Reserve contains most beautiful areas of original salt marsh, coastal dune and coastal thicket vegetation and probably one of the finest areas of the former, it also contains an indigenous garden featuring flora representative of the Garden Route and the coastal regions of the Eastern Cape, tree copses featuring Knysna forest trees, and small "cultivated" gardens.
Dog walkers paradise
It is also a paradise for dog walkers and fisher people, is a cricket and soccer pitch for children and a large alien tree (Myoporum tenuifolium) has been retained as a jungle gym for the younger kiddies.

Comprehensive lists on this website

  • Plants

    Over 200 species of flowering plants have been identified, with the main concentrations occurring in the Indigenous and Entrance Gardens.

  • Salt Marsh

    The salt marshes of the Reserve, particularly those of Kingfisher Creek show the well-developed zonation typical of the Knysna salt marshes.

  • Grasses

    The natural grasses of the reserve are attractive and diverse.

  • Trees

    There are over 100 trees found in the Reserve of which only half have at this stage been photographed and included in this pictorial listing.

  • Birds

    The birds featured here are those that live, nest and have their territories on Leisure Isle. Also listed are those birds who visit Leisure Isle from surrounding areas.

  • Butterflies

    These are the butterflies that have been recorded at the Reserve or close nearby. Most of them are resident, and will breed wherever their food plants are to be found.

  • Frogs

    The frogs featured in this section are those that may occur in the Reserve, but it is important to stress that they have not all been identified as such.

  • Aquatics

    Fish and other aquatic species that are commonly found in the Knysna Estuary and the adjacent coast line are featured.

  • Plant List

    All plants, salt marsh species, grasses and trees that have been identified in the Reserve are included in consolidated lists that can be accessed here.