Trimming Roger’s Way

The Steenbok Nature Reserve comprises two distinct areas: Steenbok Park and Kingfisher Creek, which are linked by a narrow pathway between the Country Club and the Boat Club. It was Roger Voysey who had the vision to landscape this pathway so as to screen the sporting activities on either side, and create a ‘tunnel’ of vegetation so loved by Steenbok visitors.

When the Country Club gave LIRA the right of way across their leased land( in what became known as Roger’s Way), LIRA undertook to ensure that the Searsia crenata and Gymnosporia buxifolia bushes did not cast a shadow on the adjacent tennis courts. Over the years the bushes have grown taller, and to honour our undertaking with the Country Club we have now completed the first section of trimming, with the remaining section soon to follow.

Dave Wright on hand to measure the correct angle for trimming.

Thanks to Dave Wright from the Leisure Isle Tennis Club for helping out with well-drawn plans, and to Ivy Garden Services for their sensitive trimming.  More sunlight now falls onto the courts and gets rid of the damp, while the natural beauty of the roofed walkway has been maintained.