When the power is out, take a walk….

There is nothing more satisfying at the moment than taking a walk at 4pm when load shedding hits!!!

We have been having such amazingly warm and sunny days that the area near Kingfisher Creek has quickly become one of my favourite place to walk due to its stunning sunsets.

One of the plants to look out for currently is the buchu, very well known due to its strong scent when the leaves are crushed as well as its aromatic oils found on the leaves and glands.

Agathosma capensis (spice scented) and A. apiculata (garlic scented) are both flowering in Steenbok and attracting many insects.
The flowers can be found at the tips of the stems and are giving a brilliant display along the paths.  The young shoots are light green in colour and offer yet another colour dimension to these showy shrubs.

Above, an example of young, bright green shoots
A happy ant on A. capensis

So remember: lights out = walking = Steenbok, ENJOY 😄