Posted on The monthly rainfall for June was 26 mm. This is substantially below last year’s figure and less than half of the ten year average of 70 mm. A disappointing month. Despite this, the spectacularly high January rainfall has resulted in... Read more »

    Posted on Wednesday 1st July Please stay clear of the Tow Path.  Our volunteers will be clearing alien invasive plants between 10.30 and 11.30. Report back Wednesday 24 June A huge thanks to the public for being considerate and for keeping clear of... Read more »
  • Asparagus aethiopicus’ great escape…..

    Posted on This plant isn’t commonly known as the Wild asparagus in English for no reason!!!! Currently busy trying to get out of Steenbok by climbing over the wooden fence along Links Drive, this spiny perennial climber with sprawling stems, fibrous and tuberous... Read more »
  • Winter Daisy – Osteospermum moniliferum

    Posted on Osteospermum moniliferum – Previously known as Chrysanthemoides monilifera Common Name: Tick berry, brother berry, bush-tick berry (Eng.); Bietou (Afr.) Tree Number: 736.1 The bright flowers are typical daisy-like and is made up of many individual densely arranged tubular male and... Read more »
  • Tree of the Month

    Posted on Rhoicissus digitata – SA Tree number: 456.2 Common Names:  baboon grape (Eng.) Bobbejaandruif (Afr.) isaQoni esincini (X.) This hardy, evergreen creeper is often the pioneer species on coastal dunes in the Western Cape.  It can also be used as a shade screen or decoratively... Read more »
  • The truth about the birds and the bees

    Posted on Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve ‘Living on the edge’ …during Lockdown, one can still see and learn about the birds and the bees Featured here are a couple Streaky-headed Seedeater or streaky-headed Canary (Crithangra gularis) spotted enjoying a delicious meal of aloe... Read more »

    Posted on STORM ALERT – GARDEN ROUTE AREA Strong interior winds are expected over the Garden Route municipalities in the Western Cape on Tuesday (09/06/2020). An intense cold front with an associated upper air trough is expected over the western parts of the... Read more »
  • Rainfall May 2020

    Posted on After parsimonious rainfall figures during February, March and April, we now have something to celebrate. May’s rainfall figure was 71mm which is significantly higher than the ten year average    of 48mm. The year to-date figure continues to exceed last... Read more »
  • Another plant just over the edge…

    Posted on While walking along Links Drive, following the Government’s regulations, I came across this tree which is recovering beautifully from the on-going alien clearance. To find Sersia laevigata (Dune currant), walk along the edge of Links Drive, past the Tennis Club towards... Read more »
  • From Steenbok with LOVE….

    Posted on Walking along the boundary of Kingfisher Creek on Links Drive this morning, I was amazed to see how this stunning Candlewood had grown from its pruning and all the ongoing alien clearing around it 😁 Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus (Candlewood) can grow... Read more »