Posted on   Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus Candlewood (Eng.); kershout (Afr.) Tree Number: 409 Watch out for this beauty at the moment, actually you cannot miss it due to its numerous bright orange seed pods which are carried all along its branches making this... Read more »
  • Heliophila subulata

    Posted on Heliophila meaning ’sun’ and phílos, meaning “dear” or “beloved”, refers to the blooms opening in sun and closing at night or in overcast conditions. Family: Brassicaceae (mustard family) Common name: Wild flax The majority of the species grow in the... Read more »
  • Steenbok Nature Reserve welcomes new volunteers

    Posted on Louis and Barbara Krige are familiar faces on Leisure Isle.  They regard themselves as an ‘old Knysna’ family.  Barbara’s grandfather had the parish at Belvedere, and bought land on Leisure Island when it was first laid out as residential suburb... Read more »
  • A day out In Steenbok

    Posted on  The residence and day attendees of Epilepsy Knysna, South Cape Karoo Branch enjoyed a morning walk in Steenbok Nature Reserve.  Under the supervision of Gayle Anne Campbell Schmidt, the residence were able to comfortably walk along the Tow Path and... Read more »
  • Aloes, beautiful aloes….

    Posted on These three majestic Aloes will be entertaining our visitors for the next month or two. Bright colours and impressive heights make these giants our show stoppers during autumn and early winter. While A. ferox and A. arborescens display bright orange... Read more »

    Posted on It has been a disappointing May.  As can be seen from the bar-chart our rainfall of 26 mm is half of the 10 year May  average. The cumulative chart shows this year is very similar to 2018 and not too... Read more »
  • A bright picnic spot in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on Ivy Garden services hard at work around the Sideroxylon inerme (white milkwood) tree near the boat club entrance of Steenbok.  The white milkwood has been trimmed and vegetation around the tree cleared.  Now there is a beautiful, sunny picnic spot with... Read more »
  • Dietes grandiflora

    Posted on Called a “Fairy iris” because the fragile white petals not only look like feathers but also have a tendency to disappear mysteriously overnight. Family: Iridaceae Common names: large wild iris, fairy iris (Eng.); groot wilde-iris Dietes grandiflora is a perennial,... Read more »
  • Chasmanthe aethiopica

    Posted on These plants flower during autumn and winter, from April to June or rarely July.  They can now be found in the area west of the tennis courts and between the long grass near the Tow Path. The pale green leaves... Read more »
  • Clivia nobilis

    Posted on It’s always nice to come across some plants in Steenbok that have not previously been recorded and were not even part of our Webpage. The new addition is Clivia nobilis. Common name: Eastern Cape clivia (Eng.) Family: Amaryllidaceae Spotted in the... Read more »