Environmental Responsibility

One morning of irresponsible bait collecting along the edge of the Tow Path can destroy the estuarine mud bank.  This is not a pretty sight, and it destroys the whole habitat in which bloodworm, pencil bait, prawns and a myriad of other creatures live.

Research has shown that it can take the affected estuarine mud-bank more than two years to recover fully from one morning’s worth of illegal bait collection. That means two years’ less bait in that particular area for grunter, kob, steenbras, stumpnose and other species entering the estuaries to feed, as well as for a host of bird species which depend on finding food on the mud-banks during low tide.

Click on the link below for more about the rules and regulations of recreational bait collection in South Africa.


To report illegal activities please contact:

SanParks Rangers
Knysna Estuary all-hours duty number 0822695007.