• Leisure Isle Festival!

    Posted on It’s that time of year!! We have a stall on Treasure Isle at the festival, 9th & 10th November.  And boy! do we have loads of goodies for you. There will be sensory boxes.  Stick your hand in them if... Read more »
  • Follow your nose…

    Posted on This pretty little purple flower is a bit of a stinker! It is the wild garlic plant (Tulbaghia violacea). The long, blueish-grey leaves are very smelly.  Useful to know – this stinkiness repels pests!  So if you are on a... Read more »
  • OCTOBER wassup?

    Posted on Knysna Rocks is a fun project that started after the horrible Knysna fires in 2017.  People paint rocks with feel-good, happy words or pictures.  These rocks are then placed like treasure around and about spreading a little joy and love.  There... Read more »
  • Paint your own ROCK!

    Posted on Celebrate ROCKtober! It’s not ROCKet science – find a stone or two.A nice smooth flattish one is best.Do a little spit and polish clean. And then get painting!!   When thinking what to write on your rock – remember what Cinderella’s... Read more »
  • SPRING Word Search

    Posted on Don’t forget to look sideways, upside down, back-to-front and all around!!   life     chick     new     sunshine     bud     bulb      blossom     pollen bird     egg     bees     hay     posy     scent      tide ... Read more »
  • SEPTEMBER Wassuup?

    Posted on “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz I wonder where the boidies is?! The boid is on the wing.. But that’s absoid – The wing is on the boid!!!”                      ... Read more »
  • Let’s COLOUR IN!

    Posted on Use our mud crab picture or draw your own – After your pencil drawing, use a nice black koki to make bold, clean lines.  Then what nice bright colour are you going to choose?  You could use paints or pastels,... Read more »
  • AUGUST wassup?

    Posted on Colouring Book Day The first colouring book was made in the 1800’s.  Colouring in is great fun for ALL ages – it’s calming, therapeutic and good for fine motor skills.  But most of all it is SO MUCH FUN!!!  Get... Read more »