Steenbok Nature Reserve – fighting the aliens!!!

There are some very sensitive areas in the Reserve that if not attended to properly will become infested with alien invasive vegetation.  The whole month of August will be focused on systematically removing invasive plants and encouraging indigenous growth.

We are very fortunate to have the Knysna Alien Busters team to help with this task.  With the aid of only spades and forks they will be carefully removing this troublesome vegetation.
Only two days into this important project 50 bags of invasive and alien vegetation have already been removed.
Cleared area west of the tennis courts.
Indigenous area adjacent to the natural pathways west of the tennis courts.


Available for free download in English and Afrikaans, A practical guide to managing invasive alien plants: A concise handbook for land users in the Cape Floral Region, will be of value to landowners, land managers and clearing contractors, providing context, examples, and practical guidelines.