Did you know there is a colour coding system used by dog owners world-wide to signify specific health or behavioural issues their pet may have? Coloured ribbons, leashes and collars are a great way to indicate if your dog is aggressive, blind or in training. Even if your dog doesn’t fall into any of these categories, it’s an important thing to be aware of so you can detect potential issues with other dogs you may come across when out for a walk.

Steenbok Nature Reserve will be launching colour coded dog ribbon vouchers at this year’s Leisure Isle festival.  See map below.

These Steenbok Ribbons will help give dogs of all breeds the voice they need to let strangers know what their personality is before they are approached, making dog walking in Steenbok more enjoyable for everyone.  The colour-coded system is visible from a distance to warn others in advance.  All proceeds from the Dog Ribbon vouchers will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of Steenbok Nature Reserve.

The vouchers contain a color identity ribbon with a Bonnie Bio multi purpose bag and a 10% discount for Bonnie Bio bags purchased at Metelerkamps.

The ribbons will also be available at  …



Charlie Brown sporting a friendly green ribbon in Steenbok Nature Reserve.