Cape White-eye

This species is endemic to South Africa and depends upon a particular habitat for survival. Destroy that habitat and the bird will possibly be lost forever. 

Their preferred habitats are woodlands, savanna, grasslands and riverine areas. Yet, this species is also at home in wetlands and bushveld or scrub areas, and even in gardens.  Steenbok nature Reserve has all of the above and is a perfect environment for this bird.

A walk in Steenbok during the summer months is usually rewarded with sightings of these social birds feeding and flying between the trees and bushes.

 The Cape White-eye feeds mainly on insects, but also spiders and their eggs, soft fleshy flowers, nectar, fruit, pollen, and small grains. This bird mostly feeds on the ground or in the foliage, and not so much on the wing. 

The Cape White-eye is monogamous and only seeks a new partner if the first one dies. The peak breeding season is September to December.