Well, well, well…… these past few days certainly have seen some changes in Steenbok!!!

After next to no serious rain for a while the Reserve has certainly benefited from the recent heavy downpours and is now looking so much greener, what a delight!  The accurate readings below were taken by Peter Dietrich.  Peter Dietrich and Peter Godsell are responsible for our monthly rainfall charts so we can look forward to their full report at the end of the month.

-Thursday 16th : 30mm
-Friday 17th : 12mm
-Saturday 18th : 52mm
-Sunday 19th : 30mm

This rain has made our flora & fauna very happy indeed : the Brunsvigia orientalis (Tumble weed) has made its appearance – please remember -> strictly NO touching.

Whilst not many dogs (or dogs owners) have been spotted in these past few days, plenty of other species – including a couple of children spotted in the puddles – have been delighted with it.