Keeping Steenbok Natural

Most of our friends, when asked, love the natural look of Steenbok Nature Reserve.  This is achieved with careful consideration of how the gardens in the Reserve are planned, planted and maintained. All this is done in order to achieve the objectives of the Reserve, as stated in the Management Plan. There are four main entrances to Steenbok, with gardens that are full of indigenous plants and flowers that can be found in nature throughout the Garden Route area.

Ivy Garden services play a very important role in maintaining these areas.  Recently the team has been working alongside our Volunteers to upgrade and neaten the Entrance Garden areas.

Ivy Garden Services neatening the parking area at the Eastern Tow Path Entrance.

After every gardening day in Steenbok, Prudence and her team from the Municipality come and clear away all the cuttings. The Municipality mowing teams are also working closely with us to ensure the grassed areas and paths are sensitively trimmed.

During the autumn months trees and flowering beds are pruned back and new indignenous shrubs are planted to replace dead vegetation.

The Ivy team working in the Gardens at the Harbor Road Entrance, filling the spaces with indigenous succulents and aloes.
Winter pruning in the Main Entrance area of Steenbok.

This year the Volunteers are focused on making Steenbok a very natural experience. In order to reduce visual clutter and open up uninterrupted natural vistas,  signs, bins and benches are being repaired, replaced and repositioned.

Dave repairing and repositions signs.

We are really blessed to have this extensive area of natural beauty on the northern shores of Leisure Island as a place for peaceful recreation and relaxation!