City Nature Challenge 2020

The City Nature Challenge was open to anyone and everyone.  The Garden Route was one of six areas in South Africa that entered the Challenge.
The Challenge ran from 27th April to 3rd May, and all observations had to be taken between 24 and 27 April.

This year was slightly different for all South Africans because the Stage 5 lockdown restricted their movements.  This did not deter the participants and they continued with the Challenge, taking photos of the flora and fauna found in their own homes.

The Steenbok team, originally with the aim of observing the flora and fauna found in the Reserve, enthusiastically took up the ‘Stay at home Challenge’.  Their combined efforts were then added to the Garden Route group, and the results were astounding.

Results of The City Nature Challenge 2020

Overall observations – Garden Route was placed 10th in the World!

Different types of species – Garden Route was placed 6th out of 244 areas that participated world wide!

Thanks to Nicky van Berkel for the numerous workshops she held before the Challenge and the assistance she gave our group before, during and after the 4 days.

This was a wonderful learning experience for all the participants and Steenbok Nature Reserve is looking forward to next year’s City Nature Challenge.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this please visit the links below:


Margaret Richards – Leisure Isle 262 observations 198 different species
Leonie Twentyman-Jones Leisure Isle 256 observations 222 different species
Shelley Godsell Leisure Isle 254 observations 129 different species
Nicky van Berkel Brenton 248 observations 156 different species
Diana Stromberg Leisure Isle 185 observations 135 different species
Cathie Garner Paradise 146 observations 79 different species
Letti Bensley Leisure Isle 54 observations 43 different species
Ingrid Meter Leisure Isle 50 observations 30 species

Joanne Johnstone- Leisure Isle 41 Observations 16 Species