AUGUST wassup?

Colouring Book Day

The first colouring book was made in the 1800’s.  Colouring in is great fun for ALL ages – it’s calming, therapeutic and good for fine motor skills.  But most of all it is SO MUCH FUN!!!  Get out those pens, crayons and pencils and colour your world.

Why don’t you start with our big mud crab in the Fun To Do section.


World Photo Day

This is a day to take photos of the things you love.  Like NATURE!  Send us a funky photo of anything you like in Steenbok:-

Can you see who’s hiding in this photie..?


– spreading around of pollen so that flowering plants can make seeds and grow more plants 

A Pollinator – opposite of The Terminator, these are helpers of spreading around life (specifically plant life) eg. bees, wasps, ants, butterflies, beetles, birds, rodents, monkeys, and even humans