Waterbird Count in Steenbok Nature Reserve

In 1993 Lorna Watt, of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), initiated with other Knysna birders, the twice-yearly Co-ordinated Waterbird Count (CWAC) in Knysna. This project reaches the whole of South Africa and records information for non- passerine (non-perching) species of birds associated with wetlands. Currently the project curates waterbird data for at least 628 sites, by a network of volunteers numbering between 800 and 1000 people. Counts are co-ordinated country-wide by about 125 compilers and their teams. 

Data is computerized at UCT and made available to many local and international organizations.

On Tuesday 30th July 2019  the five Knysna Lagoon teams undertook the winter water bird count.

The ‘mud plodders team’, as they affectionately call themselves, Ina Engelbrecht (left), Pat Korrubel (middle) and Robert Smith (right) started their count at the Point on Leisure Isle, stopped at Kingfisher Creek and the Boat Club, then continued along the Tow Path in Steenbok.

The Friends of Steenbok are grateful to this group of hard working and dedicated volunteers.


Among all the birds counted, this group found two that will be added to the Steenbok Nature Reserve web site: https://www.steenboknaturereserve.org.za/faunatype/birds/

The Yellow-billed Duck (left) 
The vivid yellow bill with black saddle on the upper mandible is distinctive, iris reddish brown.  In flight it shows an emerald green speculum narrowly edged with white, under wings are grey.

The Levaillant’s Cisticola (right)
The short straight bill is blackish-brown with a pinkish base, and the feet and legs are pinkish-brown. The eye is light brown.  The calls include a musical chrip-trrrup-trreee, a wailing tee tee tee and harsh alarm notes.