• Steenbok Nature Reserve – Virtual AGM

    Posted on Dear Members, Due to the Covid pandemic, this year’s Annual General Meeting will be held virtually by email. Please find the Notice of Meeting and the necessary documentation below: Notice of Meeting and Agenda https://www.steenboknaturereserve.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Notice-of-Meeting-and-Agenda.pdf Financial Statements 2020 https://www.steenboknaturereserve.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Financial-statements-2020.pdf Chairman’s... Read more »

    Posted on Tree number: 479.1 Common names: Mickey Mouse bush, carnival bush (Eng.); fynblaarrooihout (Afr.) This gem of a tree was recently discovered in Steenbok right at the tip of the Reserve along Links Drive, near the wooden fencing. Currently showing off... Read more »
  • Butterflies in Steenbok

    Posted on   African Monarch EASY TO IDENTIFY The monarch is a medium-sized butterfly with a wingspan of about 8cm.  It has a black body with orange-brown wings.  The forewings have a black and white band on the outer edge.  Two black... Read more »
  • From Steenbok with LOVE….

    Posted on Walking along the boundary of Kingfisher Creek on Links Drive this morning, I was amazed to see how this stunning Candlewood had grown from its pruning and all the ongoing alien clearing around it 😁 Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus (Candlewood) can grow... Read more »