From left: Diana Stromberg, Suzie Thomopoulos and Letti Bensley, taking a sunny break under the Afrocarpus [Podocarpus] falcatus.
Calling themselves ‘the Steenbokkies’these three volunteers took time off to pose for a pic on a warm sunny Womens’ Day in the Reserve.  Usually they are hard at work behind the scenes, supplying new and exciting posts for the Steenbok Website and Facebook page.

Letti and Diana make sure the public is kept informed of all the happenings in Steenbok, providing Facebook posts three times a week.  On any given day you can find them, cameras in hand, chatting to visitors in the Reserve, and recording any interesting events that are happening.  They also regularly update and refresh the flora and fauna photos on the Website.

Letti spends her free time editing, updating and adding to the flora and fauna pages of the Website. Her efforts ensure that our Website contains detailed descriptions that are scientifically correct, and at the same time informative, interesting, and enjoyable for our browsers.

Suzie is in charge of the Childrens’ Corner of the website, making sure our younger followers have easy access to information about the many natural wonders that can be seen in the Reserve, in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

These three committed women also volunteer their time and knowledge to take schools and other small groups on tours of Steenbok.  At the end of the year they will be representing Steenbok at the Leisure Isle festival, raising funds, spreading awareness, and recruiting new Friends for the Reserve.