Scadoxus membranaceus

Common name;  blood lily
Family name;  amaryllidaceae
Flower color;  orange
Flowering time;  September, October, November.

The orange flowers, resembling a brush, are enclosed in  a large, cup-shaped, olive green calyx . When the flowers start to fade, bright, fat, red berries appear that will last for up to 3 months.

Scadoxus membranaceus is the smallest of the known Scadoxus species.  It grows in coastal sands along the Garden Route.   The bulb produces 3 to 4, thin layers of leaves which will appear above the ground.  The rhizomes are just below the surface with spreading fleshy roots on which new plants form. 

A walk along the shaded paths in the Indigenous Garden will lead you to these colorful spring flowers. 

This species attracts butterflies and honey bees, and it is, therefore, thought that it is pollinated by them.