When you’re feeling blue….

All you have to do, is take a walk to Steenbok….

The array of Plectranthus will welcome you as you enter the Reserve. These beauties will definitely brighten your day by their very showy display.  The devastating drought in 2017 (picture right) left the area somewhat bare and one can agree that these are now doing a fantastic job at making the entrance beautiful!!!!

This large straggling, perennial shrub grows well in deep shade where the sprays of flowers show up against the dark undergrowth. The large, ovate to elliptical leaves are arranged in opposite pairs on a square stem. They have an unpleasant smell when crushed.
They are found naturally in the forests of Knysna but is also happy in the entrance gardens of the Park. Plectranthus comes from the Greek plektron meaning a spur and anthos, flower; referring to the spur that is found at the base of the corolla tube.