Arjen and Ingrid Meter cleaning the large pond.
At last, clean water for the playful pets.

The water at the two aquifer ponds (one where the pump is, and the other one lower down which is big enough for dogs to lie down in) comes straight out of the aquifer and does not get any chemicals (such as chlorine) added into it. Nor does the water get circulated at all, like in swimming pools. Consequently the water gets dirty very quickly from dogs drinking and bathing in it, and algae grows very quickly in it, especially in the hot summer months. With all the dogs drinking and bathing there, the ponds also get empty quite quickly.

Enter Arjen and Ingrid Meter who go to the aquifer every single day to attend to it … (And they love doing this!)  They ensure the two ponds are completely full by pumping water at least once a day. Some of the other SNR friends also pump water. >They clean the two ponds two or three times per week by firstly scooping out all the old, dirty water; then scrubbing the sides and bottom of the ponds with a strong scrubbing brush to get the algae off; and finally refilling the ponds. (Good arm and abs exercise!). They also tidy up the pebbles surrounding the aquifer.