Succession Plan

As part of implementation of our recently adopted Succession Plan Diana Stromberg has been appointed Deputy Manager of Steenbok Nature Reserve.
Roger Voysey reminisces on Diana’s involvement with Steenbok.
“In the three years as a member of our management team Di has taken the lead in conceiving and managing the highly successful “Shared Recipes” and “Look Deep into Nature” publications and has guided the development of our amazing, informative FACEBOOK site with a wide and respected following. I first met Di in Steenbok Park (with her camera) over a year before her appointment to our MANCOM and even then she was photographing and identifying flora and fauna species. In the past four years her environmental knowledge, interest and fascination has grown and she has developed a lovely skill in describing flora and fauna in a professional and easy to read manner. She is thus the ideal person to lead us into the next phase of development of our new sophisticated web site. I might add that she is now respected as a leading photographer on the Garden Route.
During the recent holiday period Di deputised admirably. She spent much time in the Reserve looking, observing and chatting and as a result the irrigation system, notice boards, rubbish removal, stand by garden maintenance and other arrangements coped well with the increased number of holiday visitors.
We are confident that Di has the ability, understanding and passion to take on this new and important role.”

This is the first of many steps being introduced. Another is our appeal for more volunteers.
Talk to Di 083 254 5092 or Roger 083 754 5390


Steenbok Nature Reserve Knysna

WhatsApp: Di 083 254 5092 / Roger 083 754 5390