Steenbok Nature Reserve Walk-Abouts in 2020

Thanks to all the Friends of Steenbok who joined our volunteers for our first guided walk of the year.

The walk started with an amusing and informative talk about the famous Knysna Dwarf Chameleon by young Jack Thomopoulos.


Sue Thomopoulos and Di Stromberg then guided the group through the Park, sharing interesting anecdotes about the history of Leisure Island, and fun facts about the different kinds of flora and fauna that can found in the Reserve.

The walk focussed mainly on the children’s activity book ‘Look Deep into Nature’.  At the end of the walk the younger participants were each given a ‘treesure map’ of Steenbok to encourage them to explore this wonderful area with their friends and family.  

We will be hosting more walks during this coming year. 

If you are interested and don’t want to miss the next one please visit Steenbok Nature Reserve Knysna Facebook page and press LIKE AND FOLLOW  this will guarantee notifications of all our news snippets and announcements.