Site visit from Credo Environmental Services

We are delighted to report that in the first year we have achieved significant success in our 5 year programme to bring under control the infestation of Alien Invasive Species in the area west of the tennis courts. This was confirmed by Rudy Minnie of Credo Environmental Services during a site visit on 27 March. Rudi was visibly thrilled with the result of limited pruning and clearing conducted at Kingfisher Creek and pleased with the partial restoration of the high tide pathway leading to this area.

He was also supportive of our opinion that more extensive cutting away of dead Taaibos and other non-indigenous vegetation along this pathway would improve the “naturalness “ of the walk-way and open up interesting vistas into the Kingfisher Creek area. Notwithstanding this significant progress we will continue during the coming year, and in future years, to remove young aliens that emerge. This will be done by diligent weeding and spraying with approved herbicides.

Rudy Minnie of Credo Environmental Services