MANCOM meeting in March

The following were reported at our MANCOM meeting held on 8 March

  • SANParks has confirmed that in terms of proposed revisions to the Knysna Protected Environment regulations
  • Steenbok will be recognised as a Protected Environment.
  • Alien clearance at the south west corner has been completed whilst clearance at the north west corner and general cleaning up at Kingfisher Creekwas undertaken on 13th March.
  • Alien maintenance weeding/spraying continues in all previously cleared areas.
  • Revised dog litter collection program has been implemented. Our labour clears litter bins on Thursday mornings with KM doing the same on Sundaymornings.
  • We have appointed Mihan of O.D.S. Landscaping to maintain our irrigation system. The drip system to the trees in the three copses has beenrenewed, various electrical faults repaired, and the control and timing system simplified and adjusted.
  • The Ivy garden maintenance business has changed hands and operationally we continue to enjoy excellent service.Steenbok Nature Reserve MANCOM team present at the last meeting. From left to right, Charles Breen, Maretha Alant, David Stromberg, Diana Stromberg, Arjen Meter, and Roger Voysey. (apologies from Mark Willemse, Esther Townsend, James Botha and Laetitia Bensley.