Municipality in Steenbok Nature Reserve


Thanks to the Municipal teams from the Department of Parks and Recreation for a job well done in Steenbok on Thursday 13th August.


All the pruned and cut vegetation along Links Drive has been removed. 

Prudence and her team cleared the cut vegetation that had blown onto the paved pathway during Wednesday night’s heavy storm.


Goodman and his team cleared the broken branches of a Milkwood tree near the Harbor Entrance to Steenbok. 

Please note:  Cutting or removing any branches of protected trees must be done under the very strict rules set out by the Department of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  Steenbok Nature Reserve has a licence to prune lower hanging branches of Milkwood trees 1.5m-2m up and to prune branches of Milkwood trees overhanging footpaths and obstructing road access.