A bit of fun in the holidays…..
You will find below, a photo and information on a medium to large shrub.
Let’s see who can guess the name the fastest.
Please leave your answer in the comment box below and stand a chance to win one of Steenbok’s stunning stickers.

Ready….  Steady….  GO!!!!!!

  • I can grow to 4m and am evergreen to semi-deciduous.
  • my young stems are often reddish.
  • my leaves are thick & leathery, ovate and glossy.
  • I am flowering from late Winter until Spring.
  • my flowers appear in dense axillary clusters and are white, often tinged with pink.
  • I am very sweetly scented and you can spot me easily near the path on the other side of the Indigenous Gardens.
  • my flowers are followed by large plum coloured berry-like fruits which birds love.

BUT……..  ALL parts of me are highly toxic – even braaing meat over my wood has proven fatal. My ripen fruits might be the only thing that isn’t fatal to eat…..

I AM???????????