“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz

I wonder where the boidies is?!

The boid is on the wing..

But that’s absoid –

The wing is on the boid!!!”

                                 – Anonymous


The weather doesn’t quite feel like spring has sprung yet!  But nature says it’s here alright – bright, little, fresh lime-green leaves are sprouting, baby birds are hungry and perfectly pretty flowers are sweetly blooming.  Get out into Steenbok Nature Reserve and enjoy the beginning of September!



– to look after something now so that it can live for longer; conservation is protecting things in nature.  Trying to fix some of the damage humans have done and not wasting precious things like water.

TO PRESERVE is to stop something from dying or going extinct.  Keeping things healthy and trying to prevent humans from damaging nature.  Don’t faff about the difference between conserve and preserve – just DO BOTH!