Interview with Clare B, a 9 year old from Knysna….

I thought it would be fun and interesting to get a child’s perspective on Steenbok. Let’s see what she said!!

1 – How long have you been coming here? Since I was 2.
2 – Waow, aren’t you bored of it? No, there’s always different things to see & do in the reserve.
3 – Give me your top 5 favourite activities to do here?

  • Cycle through Roger’s Way
  • look and learn about the plants
  • observe nature
  • practice my sports on the grass
  • snack under the Milkwood tree near the boat club

4 – What improvements would you like to see in Steenbok? A wider cycle passage in Roger’s Way.
5 – What is your favourite area? The Seed Pod.
6 – Why? Because the design is awesome and the view from there is fantastic.
7 – Why would you recommend Steenbok to your friends? Because I learn so much there, especially with my book “Look deep into nature”. It’s really fun to go and find all the fauna & flora from the book + do the activities from the book in the reserve.