• December 2018 Rainfall

    Posted on At 35mm, the December rainfall was a bit disappointing. However, looking at 2018 as a whole, it’s been a good year – a smidgen ahead of the ten year average and way better than 2017. Our thanks to Peter Dieterich for his... Read more »
  • Early blooms in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on The Brunsvigia Orientalis Emergence of these spectacular crimson Candelabra flowers is a common sight in Steenbok during February, March and April. The bud of this large bulb pushes up through the sand on its sturdy stem before a leaf can be seen,... Read more »
  • The alien/invasive plants eradication program

    Posted on Following the extensive and successful alien/invasive plants eradication program implemented between April and October last year, it was necessary to take a break to allow a review of how the flora was responding. Three months later, the indigenous flora was... Read more »
  • Flowering now in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on Agapanthus praecox. These beautiful blue flowers can be seen at the entrance, in the indigenous garden and all along the pathways. The Rhizome are traditionally worn as a necklace by Xhosa brides to promotes child birth. Bitterbossie (Afr.) sighted in... Read more »
  • Steenbok Nature Reserve Management Committee Meeting

    Posted on At the recent meeting of the Steenbok MANCOM the following were discussed: Formal environmental protection from SANParks still awaited but on track. After a rest of two months weeding/spraying of new growth in aliens west of tennis courts now in... Read more »