Winter Garden Maintenance

While most of us were staying inside after the heavy rain and snow storms this week, Ivy Garden Services and Knysna Municipality were hard at work in Steenbok Nature Reserve.  

The dead branches of Metalasia muricata and Euryops virgineus were trimmed back by the Ivy team and the Municipal team removed all the cuttings by lunchtime on Thursday.  This area is a lot lighter and is now an exciting area for children to explore.

The Gardens around the Milkwood tree were also attended to, with invasive weeds being removed, and overgrown indigenous plants along the paved pathway cut and replanted in the cleared spaces.  The bench in this area is a popular place to sit and reflect while admiring the different species of indigenous plants and colourful aloes. 


Niels from Ivy Garden Services trimming the thorny Carissa macrocarpa along the paved pathway.
IGS removing invasive weeds in Aloe gardens.
Prudence Visser and her KM team loading the dead branches.
Just an indication of how cold it was during the cleanup. Photo taken from the bench at the Milkwood tree.

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