SANParks Biodiversity Social Project
Working for the Coast 

This project is managed by Thobela Mata & Scott Ronaldson from SANParks. The Objectives of the project are:

  • to improve and conserve the natural environment and ensure well-maintained recreational areas.
  • to help combat poverty and uplift workers through training in basic environmental issues. 

The project started in December 2019 and will continue to March 2022.   Approximately 84 workers in seven teams have been sourced from Nekkies, Concordia, White Location, Dam se Bos, Hornlee, Diepwalle and Kranshoek. 

3 teams are concentrating on the Knysna Estuary, with one team for each of Buffalo Bay, Benton, Harkerville and Diepwalle.

Bags collected along the coastal area of Leisure Isle 20 April 2021

The Working for the Coast team of Sylvia, Evelyn and Danoline started at the entrance of Leisure Isle, then continued all along the edge of the Island covering Green Hole, Bollard Bay, and The Point.  The team then started to clear litter from Kingfisher Creek, finishing at the East Entrance of Steenbok Nature Reserve.  

In one day they had filled 18 recycling bags and 12 refuse bags!

Visitors to Steenbok Nature Reserve and to the Island can enjoy the spotless coastline thanks to the hard work of the Working for the Coast teams.

Please show your appreciation when you meet the teams along the waterfront!