Update on Alien Invasive clearing in Steenbok Nature Reserve

Verbena bonariensis; (purple flowers, Blouwater bossie) had started to appear again in the low lying and moist area near the Coral tree west of the tennis courts.  It is a tall herb with square stems covered with stiff hairs. Weeding out of this quickly spreading alien is achieved by simply pulling out the plants. 

And along Links Drive near the tennis courts is rapidly spreading Verbena bonariensis that was infiltrating Carbobruts deliciosus (sour fig). This has to be dug out and separated from the sour fig.

The Ivy Garden Service team hard at work removing Anredera cordifolia (Madeira vine).

By far the most problematical alien is Anredera cordifolia; (madeira vine) found in the far western area along Links Drive that was subject to massive clearance 18 months ago. It is a highly invasive creeper that smothers and destroys all other vegetation. It multiplies with tuberous roots and creeping underground stems (rhizomes).The most successful way of ridding this area of this invasive plant is to systematically dig and carefully separate the rhizomes from the soil. This is now being conducted at monthly intervals. 

For more information, please visit our website to read the full CREDO report.