Trimming at Roger’s Way


The Ivy Garden Service team hard at work again in Steenbok Nature Reserve.   

Roger’s Way was established in 2008 and is a magical pathway linking Kingfisher Creek and Steenbok Park.  The trimming of the vegetation will enhance the nature walk and let in more winter sunlight.

Searsia glauca is an example of one of the trimmed plants along Roger’s Way.

Searsia glauca
Tree Number: 383.2
An evergreen shrub, well branched with  obovate,  trifoliate leaflets which have  with a resinous coating which dries to a greyish powdery layer. Clusters of round and shiny reddish brown berries appear from August.  Plants useful for stabilising dunes. They are the favoured host of the mistletoe Viscum capense in the Strandveld of the southwestern Cape.