Steenbok Nature Reserve Management Committee Meeting

At the recent meeting of the Steenbok MANCOM the following were discussed:

  • Formal environmental protection from SANParks still awaited but on track.
  • After a rest of two months weeding/spraying of new growth in aliens west of tennis courts now in progress and balance of the alien/invasives program down to Kingfisher Creek is planned to commence later in February.
  • The major upgrade in the flora and fauna sections of the Steenbok Nature Reserve website is now live. Have a look at
  • A Steenbok newsletter will be issued more regularly and distributed by email to our membership.
  • Management is conscious of the erratic service in cleaning litter bins and is taking steps to improve the service.
  • Temporary problems with the irrigation system are being attended to and the drip system to the tree copses is being completely replaced.
  • Displays on our notice boards are being brightened up and where necessary signage is being restored.
  • We have come to realise that upkeep of memorial signage is best attended to by associated families and regret that it is impractical for management to continue to provide this service.
  • Following Diana’s recent appointment it is an opportune time to appeal for additional volunteers. Whatever your passion or skills we have an opening for you.
  • To ensure that we are aware of developments in the wider Knysna area Diana and Letti attended the first Knysna Park Forum meeting early in February.

Continue to enjoy our amazing Reserve and let us have any suggestions you would like to put forward.
Contact details for:
Di 083 254 5092 email address:
Roger 083 754 5390 email address: