Brightly coloured flowers are a welcome sight in Steenbok Nature Reserve during the spring months. 

Below are photos of flowers and a map showing you where to find them.

Pelargonium capitatum,  Zaluzianskya capensis and Silene undulata – can be seen in a field of indigenous flowers west of the tennis courts.

Pelargonium capitatum
Zaluzianskya capensis
Silene undulata

Utopia Clivia – this red beauty can be seen growing among the other colourful clivas in the Indigenous gardens.

Utopia clivia

Dietes grandiflora – with the abundant rains this year we are seeing a lot more of these flowers along the paved pathway near the Indigenous Gardens.

Dietes grandiflora

Moraea bulbillifera – these bulbs are popping up among the tall grasses all over the Reserve.

Moraea bulbillifera

Euryops virgineus – a bright ‘yellow forest’ can be seen at the Harbor Entrance to Steenbok.

Euryops virgineus

Felicia echinata – these bright blue blooms can be seen all along the edge of Kingfisher Creek.

Felicia echinata