Knysna Dwarf Chameleon

This is chameleon season and many Knysna Dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion damaranum) have been spotted in the trees near the main entrance to Steenbok.
These little guys are endemic to South Africa and can grow to 180mm, they live happily in Steenbok, shying away from predators amongst the numerous trees and bushes.
We can help protect the Knysna Dwarf chameleons – having lost so many in the Knysna fires – by providing them safe shelters in ours gardens away from our pets‘ reach.
Interesting facts:
– their tongues are twice as long as their bodies, which is ideal for catching their meals.
– they change colour to communicate with each other, when in a good mood they would turn bright turquoise, orange, white, blue and many other sorts of colours. While turning dark colours (mostly black) would reflect depression or trauma.
– their eyes can move in different directions and can see each other from very far away.

For more information and advice, visit Knysna Dwarf chameleons’ Facebook page :

How to support Steenbok

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