The Friends of Steenbok would like to thank Angela and Robin Fick from Mossel Bay for their kind delivery of three new fishing line recycling bins. These were presented to us on the Ficks’ recent visit to the Reserve. The bins are supplied by Dyer Island Conservation Trust

With the help of Hugo Dippenaar from Ivy Garden Services the bins were installed near popular fishing spots in Steenbok. We would also like to thank Ivy Garden Services for offering to empty the bins on a weekly basis.  The new bins are situated at the main entrance to the Tow Path, at the fishermen’s favourite spot on the grass area near the boat club and at the Point in Kingfisher Creek.


Discarded fishing lines and hooks (as can be seen in this picture on the right) can be very damaging to our already sensitive ecosystem. Did you know that fishing lines have a 600 year lifespan!!!! Yes, 600 years……..


These bins will provide a place for fishermen and walkers to deposit used line.   So when you see tangled fishing line on our sensitive shoreline please, please help the environment by depositing the line in these bins.