Counting Birds in Steenbok

The Bird Count team in Steenbok. Dr Peter Lor, Pat Korrubel, Clive and Priscilla Watson.

This project reaches the whole of South Africa and records information for non- passerine (non-perching) species of birds associated with wetlands. Currently the project curates waterbird data for at least 628 sites, by a network of volunteers numbering between 800 and 1000 people. Counts are co-ordinated country-wide by about 125 compilers and their teams. 

Data is computerized at UCT and made available to many local and international international organizations.

On the 5th Feb 2020 the five Knysna Lagoon teams undertook the water bird count. The ‘mud plodders’  team, as they affectionately call themselves, Pat Korrubel, Clive and Priscilla Watson and Dr Peter Lor started their count at the Point on Leisure Isle, stopped at Kingfisher Creek and the Boat Club then continued along the Tow Path in Steenbok.

Below – The summer count of all the birds observed in and around the Knysna Lagoon.  Steenbok Nature Reserve is situated in area 1.

A few cormorants waiting to be counted at the harbor entrance of the Leisure Isle Boat Club.