Clivia nobilis

It’s always nice to come across some plants in Steenbok that have not previously been recorded and were not even part of our Webpage.

The new addition is Clivia nobilis.

Common name: Eastern Cape clivia (Eng.)
Family: Amaryllidaceae

Spotted in the Indigenous Gardens, this geophyte (i.e. a perennial plant with an underground food storage organ), is at its best in full shade where it can display its terminal cluster of nodding, tubular flowers from Spring to Autumn. The flower colour ranges from very pale to dark orange or orange-red with pale to dark green tips. The fruits are fleshy and berry-like, turning red when ripe.
The leaves are similar to other clivia species, dark green and strappy but slightly more leathery.

When planted, patience is a must as it may take up to 6 years for the plant to flower!!!