• Ursinia anthemoides

    Posted on This annual herb adds plenty of colour in Spring. The leaves are finely divided and the solitary flower heads is carried on a long stalk. The fruits have pappus scales and hairs which make them easily dispersed by wind. It... Read more »
  • Osteospermum caulescens

    Posted on Osteospermum used to belong to the genus Dimophotheca, but only the annual species remain in that genus; the perennials belong to Osteospermum. This evergreen perennial has sprawling stems that root along their length and form mats. Leathery and minutely toothed leaves can... Read more »
  • Avena fatua

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is  troublesome and can  smother other natural vegetation. Grows in disturbed places, often where water collects, and is particularly fond of sandy soil. It is a reasonably palatable grazing grass, but is a... Read more »
  • Crassula tetragona

    Posted on This is a hardy, evergreen, succulent shrub with rows of bright-green, sword-shaped leaves which areevenly arranged in crossed, opposite pairs along the stems and are held upright in a vertical position. The flowers appear in flat-topped clusters of small, cream... Read more »
  • Crassula sarmentosa

    Posted on Found in forest areas between Knysna and the Transkei. This evergreen succulent grows prostrate with stems often quadrangular and with very small flowers with petals up to 4,5 mm in length. The succulent leaves are slightly toothed. Read more »
  • Clivia miniata

    Posted on Indigenous to Eastern Cape and endemic to southern Africa. This clump-forming perennial with dark green, strap-shaped leaves is widely cultivated in domestic gardens. Growing nicely in shade, it shows its bright orange flowers in trumpet shapes mainly during spring but... Read more »
  • Zostera capensis

    Posted on Flat, elongated and dark-green, grass-like plant, abundant in the lowest salt marsh, inter-tidal zone. The Knysna seahorse is understood to particularly thrive in areas of Zostera capensis vegetation. Read more »
  • Tetragonia fruticosa

    Posted on Sprawling shrub with long trailing branches bearing yellowish flowers at the end of branches 3-4 mm in diameter. Fruits broadly four-winged, with knobs between the wings. Found at the Creek at the springs high-water area. Read more »