• Metalasia muricata

    Posted on This erect, woody shrub grows up to 2.5m, the leaves are often curved backwards, twisted and hooked at the tips.  The margins are rolled under. The honey scented flower heads are without rays, several in terminal clusters, the bracts are... Read more »
  • Crassula ovata

    Posted on A large well-branched, rounded, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark grey-green, oval, succulent leaves. The leaves are in opposite pairs with red margins and pointy ends. The bush is covered by sweetly scented star-shaped flowers which are followed by small capsules... Read more »
  • Clivia nobilis

    Posted on This evergreen fleshy bulb-like rhizome forms a tight clump as new suckers are produced and the plant becomes larger. It does well in light shade but grows much taller and more upright in dense shade. The height can therefore vary between... Read more »
  • Anagallis arvensis

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is  troublesome  weed and can  smother and outcompete other natural vegetation. Scarlet pimpernel, commonly known as blue-scarlet pimpernel, shepherd’s weather glass or shepherd’s clock, is a low-growing annual plant. The native range of... Read more »
  • Vinca major

    Posted on Invasive Status South Africa: NEMBA Cat. 1b Origin: Europe and Middle East Vinca major is a trailing vine, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form dense masses of groundcover,  individually 2–5 m across and scrambling up to 50–70 cm high. The leaves are... Read more »
  • Vepris lanceolata

    Posted on SA Tree No. 261 This is a small to medium size tree. The bark is grey to pale brown with white and orange patches. The glossy green leaves have three spreading leaflets with wavy margins.  The crushed leaves typically have... Read more »
  • Olea capensis subsp. macrocarpa

    Posted on A medium to very  large tree with leaves which are stiffly leathery. Leaf blade is flat, but the margins are wavy. The oblong fruit is large turning from green to red to dark blue – much sort after by birds.... Read more »
  • Elaeodendron croceum

    Posted on Evergreen medium size tree with grey-to dark brown bark. Leaves are leathery and serrated, dark green above and paler green with dark veins on the underside. It is a member of the Spike thorn family with pale yellow fruit that... Read more »
  • Diospyros whyteana

    Posted on Shiny leaves which sometimes appear hairless. The edible fruit has a bittersweet taste and is popular with fruit eating birds. They are green at first becoming reddish- brown and papery as they dry. It is understood that the roasted seeds... Read more »
  • Cussonia thyrsiflora

    Posted on SA Tree No. 565 Usually an evergreen, scrambling shrub, often a climber. But also can be a small tree. Most commonly found in dry coastal scrub, often within reach of salt sea spray. The leaf stalk is long and fleshy,... Read more »