JULY wassup?


Teddy Bear Picnic Day

On this day round the world some people celebrate with a teddy bears’ picnic!  Why don’t YOU go down to Steenbok on the 10th of July and take your family and teddies and picnic blankets and baskets full of yummy food and have a tea party! Be sure to sing the song at the top of your lungs just to annoy your older sibling.  “If you go down to the woods today,…”

Don’t forget to send us a photo: news@steenboknaturereserve.org.za

Chocolate Bear and friend


Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day

Yes!  This is an actual day that some people have put on their calendar!!  So get your pot plants out, give them a spritz and take them for an outing in the Reserve (because let’s face it, if Emmet Brickowski takes his ‘Planty’ for a ride in his spaceship….then why not?!? see LEGO MOVIE 2)


– someone who studies (and therefore knows a LOT about) nature, plants, animals, insects and other living things; study of the physical world.
[DON’T get it mixed up with a Naturist. That is a nude dude.]