• Lamplanthus spectabilis

    Posted on This hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, drought-resistant, succulent plant forms a dense, trailing carpet of finger-like, succulent, grey-green. The paired leaves are free or slightly fused at their bases. The name is derived from the Greek words lampros (bright) and anthos (flower), referring to... Read more »
  • Watsonia knysnana

    Posted on This robust, cormous geophyte has sword-shaped leaves arranged in a tight fan, they are leathery and fibrous.  The leaves grow up to 60cm, with flower spikes no more than a meter. It flowers well in disturbed sites from Swellendam to... Read more »
  • Crassula dejecta

    Posted on Neat, densely branched, upright perennial shrublet with leaves that are slightly fleshy, often tinged red, with a row of rounded, bead-like hairs on the margins that give the leaves a silvery edge but which one needs a magnifying lens to... Read more »
  • Cussonia spicata

    Posted on An unusual and distinctive tree with thick corky grey trunk. The juicy roots are a source of water in times of drought. The mature wood was used for wagon brake blocks. Read more »
  • Watsonia wilmaniae

    Posted on This cormous geophyte has sword-shaped leaves, it is a rather untidy plant. The flowers appear on tall spikes where each spike carries between 12 to 20 flowers. The large clumps tend to occur in wet and especially marshy ground. Read more »
  • Osteospermum caulescens

    Posted on Osteospermum used to belong to the genus Dimophotheca, but only the annual species remain in that genus; the perennials belong to Osteospermum. This evergreen perennial has sprawling stems that root along their length and form mats. Leathery and minutely toothed leaves can... Read more »
  • Crassula sarmentosa

    Posted on Found in forest areas between Knysna and the Transkei. This evergreen succulent grows prostrate with stems often quadrangular and with very small flowers with petals up to 4,5 mm in length. The succulent leaves are slightly toothed. Read more »
  • Zostera capensis

    Posted on Flat, elongated and dark-green, grass-like plant, abundant in the lowest salt marsh, inter-tidal zone. The Knysna seahorse is understood to particularly thrive in areas of Zostera capensis vegetation. Read more »
  • Triglochin striata

    Posted on A tufted plant with rhizomes and needle- or thread-like leaves. Flowers small in green, dense spiral whorls and fruits nearly spherical. Read more »
  • Triglochin bulbosa

    Posted on A small rush-like plant with tough, dark green almost cylindrical leaves. The inflorescence is about 30 cm tall with tiny stalked flowers. Read more »